Sacred Movement aims to provide an open, accessible space to explore spirituality and the human condition in community.

By connecting to the Breath that breathes us, the Pulse that flows through us, may we awaken to a deeper sense of belonging within radical and unconditional Love and Grace.

May we be inspired to be that Love in the world, both to ourselves and to our communities.


We practice connecting with the present moment in yoga, recognizing that there is a constant flow around us where everything is in process. Sacred Movement is going through necessary transitions. We’re moving from weekly gatherings into something new. We are reflecting fondly on where we’ve been and turning our hearts to new horizons. We hope you’ll come along with us!

In addition to the change in schedule and format, we embrace another big transition. After much thought and consideration, Michael has decided to continue his education and will begin pursuing a Masters in Counseling Psychology in a holistic, somatic (body-mind) program at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California. 

Michael writes:  “I am grateful for the relationships and experiences I’ve had with Sacred Movement so far. Many of our conversations and gatherings have helped me discern a call to counseling. In this holistic, somatic program, I hope to gain the skills and education I need to pursue professional licensure as a clinical counselor, eventually creating a practice that interweaves counseling, yoga, and music. I plan to continue working with Sacred Movement as we explore what might be next as we create space to breathe into body, mind, soul, and spirit.”

In yoga, we practice transitions as we meditate on the movement of our in-breath and out-breath and as we flow from one pose to another. Our hope is that these Sacred Movement transitions will lead to expansions of ideas, relationships, and reveal a growing edge. Stay tuned for what is coming! Thank you for your participation in and continued support of Sacred Movement. We are honored by your presence. 

Michael Larson and the Sacred Movement Team


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As a nonprofit, Sacred Movement relies on the financial support of those who consider Sacred Movement their home for exploring body-mind-soul-spirit in community, as well as friends of Sacred Movement who care deeply about what we are doing. We are grateful for your support!

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Sacred Movement is an independently registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization through the auspices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We are thankful to have the support from a longstanding faith-based organization as we explore our whole being—body, mind, soul, and spirit—in community.